These testimonials are provided from diverse and varied sections of the Beef industry. Akaushi offer each segment of the Beef industry and those involved a great opportunity to increase their profits and strengthen their bottomline.

"My experience to date with the F1 Akaushi cross on both Red Angus and Beefmaster dams has shown the cattle to consistently produce high average daily gains, above 3.6 pounds per day, and produce very high quality carcasses. These results were produced efficiently with feed conversions well under 5.85 pounds of feed per pound of gain and finish weights approaching 1400 pounds."
Keith Hansen, Consulting Nutritionist

"At EBS we have seen many breeds and have worked with many great ranches. Over the decades, we have noticed that some breeds flat out perform others when it comes to consistently producing semen that is of sufficient quality. We have also seen programs that routinely present sires that are of superior fertility. This is especially true of the older organizations that have striven for fertility selective pressure. We have been honored to work with HeartBrand Cattle Company. To date, EBS has worked with close to fifty HeartBrand Akaushi bulls. They have varied in maturity, but not fertility. We have not seen one single bull fail to produce excellent frozen semen. This level of performance is unprecedented in our laboratories. While it is clear that HeartBrand has devoted both time and resources to the growth of this breed, they have not had the time to enhance a trait like fer- tility. The Akaushi cattle came to them with that trait already built in over many generations. You can debate the positive aspects of any breed. If you don't have fertility, the rest is mute. Fertility is the foundation that the rest must be built from and is the ultimate anchor of any breed."
Brad Cardwell, Elgin Breeding Service, Elgin, Texas

"With limited close-out reports, the F1 Akaushi Cross steers are showing better than average conversions and average daily gains. 650# - 700# steers are showing a feed conversion of 5.47 - 5.82 and daily gains of 3.66 - 3.93. Carcass grading was also higher than what I had expected."
Gail Morris, Bovina Feedlot Manager

Mark Bohanan, Bohanan's Prime Steaks

Mark Bohanan, Bohanan's Prime Steaks

"As both chef and owner of Bohanan's Prime Steaks and Seafood, I am committed to serving only the best quality foods. Akaushi beef is definitely a cut above any other beef that's available here in the U.S. When people find out it's a red meat that's actually good for them, they no longer look at it as a guilty pleasure."
Mark Bohanan, Executive Chef & Owner, Bohanan's Prime Steaks and Seafood, San Antonio, TX