An American Akaushi Association Membership

A membership in the American Akaushi Association equates to Real Value.

Our members are focused on producing High Quality Seedstock and Commercial cattle that produce High Quality, Healthy Beef.

That’s why our Database and Services are so important.

 1) Database (DigitalBeef)

a) Doubles as an “In Herd” Computer Program at No Additional Charge

b) Recording Akaushi cattle and their Performance Data and Maintaining that Vital Information by the Association provides a very Significant Dollar Value to the Akaushi cattle and the Association

c) Register Fullblood, Purebred and Percentage blood Akaushi cattle to Verify and Protect Lineages

d) Enroll Terminal Akaushi cattle to Verify Lineages and Add Value and Marketability

e) Provides up to date EPD listings twice a year to help our members with Breeding and Marketing Decisions

 2) DNA

a) The Association has joined forces with GeneSeek to  provide the Most Accurate and Most Cost Effective DNA Processing Available

b) Parent Verification to Verify and Protect Lineages

c) Determine Recessive Disorders to help in Breeding and Marketing decisions

d) Allows our members to Receive Feed Yard “Close Outs” and Carcass Information on any and all of their Akaushi cattle

 3) Certification

a) Certification of Akaushi cattle is not mandatory but can Greatly Increase their value

b) Allows our members to sell Akaushi Genetics into markets where
Certificates are Essential to do Business

 4) Programs

      a) Certified Akaushi Beef (USDA branded beef program)

      b) A4 Advantage (Upgrading program)

      c) Infinity Hybrid (GridMax™) Registry (Composite)

 5) Marketing

a) The Association has partnered up with AgriClear to, Help our Members Market their Akaushi cattle

b) The Association’s Database is recognized worldwide which, enables our Members to Market their Akaushi Genetics both Domestically and Internationally

c) Export Verification/Certification for Semen, Embryos and Live Akaushi Cattle

 6) Research and Development

a) Allows our members to Participate in Research and Development Programs and to Receive the information from such programs

7) Advertising

a) Members reap Real Benefits from the American Akaushi Association’s National Advertising Program

b) Members receive at No Charge the Official Online American Akaushi Association Publication,
“Akaushi PrimeTime,” which is published quarterly

c) Members may advertise in our Official Online Publication, on the Association website with a link provided back to the members website or through our E-mail Network