Announcing Amanda Sears Crazy A Breeding Services


My name is Amanda Sears, I have been reaching out to cattle producers in Texas and surrounding states, offering them the variety of services I provide. As an Independent Contractor for Genex I come to you for all your breeding, sire selection, herd health/nutrition, heifer development and calf marketing needs.
Breeding: I often hear cattle producers suggest they can’t afford the added time and expense of AI for their breeding program. A few things to take into consideration are -
    •    Genetic improvement – it can be cheaper to access an outstanding sire via his semen (e.g. $15/straw) vs. natural service (>$5,000/bull).
    •    Increased weaning weight – more cows conceiving earlier in the breeding season can result in older and heavier calves at weaning.
    •    Increased calf crop uniformity – more calves can be born at the same time, and also sired by closely-related bulls.
    •    Increased herd productivity – including improvements in the “quality” of retained replacement heifers, early identification of reproductive problems, and collection of performance data for future breeding/culling decisions.
    •    Increased reproductive performance – earlier-calving cows have a longer period of time to rebreed, and proven low birthweight AI sires can reduce calving difficulty.
    •    Reduced bull costs – costs to purchase and maintain bulls should be lower, since fewer are needed for previously-inseminated cows.
Herd Health and Nutrition: I have partnered up with ADM to provide my customers year-round cost effective personalized mineral/tub programs and help the producer collect grass, soil, hay and water samples to ensure the most cost effective over all herd health program.
Heifer Development: Working heifers through the chute taking pelvic measurements projecting how big of a calf she can have, palpating for reproductive soundness and evaluating over all soundness to ensure the best ones are kept back to build a strong foundation to your herd.
Marketing: Resources and connections with some of the largest buyers and processors across the country, once calves are ready to wean I help you market your calves to make sure you are getting top dollar. Specializing in grass fed beef and processers.
With a portable chute and breed box I come to you, keeping cattle calm with less stress possible!
With an industry that is constantly changing I continuously attend seminars conferences and continuing education to make sure I stay up to date on the latest and most innovative practices. No herd is too small or large. I don’t just provide services I help educate and work one on one with producers answering questions, getting them in contact with resources I have built over the years helping the build a productive profitable herd.
If there is anything I can do for you as a producer please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Thank You,
Amanda Sears
Crazy A Breeding Services