To whom it may concern,

I evaluated Lot 5073 at Bovina Feeders on June 3, 2016 for Heartbrand Beef.  This lot included 50 head of heifer-steer mix Akaushi-Holstein Crosses.  The approximate average weight of this lot is 1300 lbs and they consist of 80% black hided heifer-steer mix.  

I estimate these 50 head to dress 62% and grade 90% choice and prime.  More specifically:
45% prime and 45% choice with a 70% Grade 1 and 2’s.  The Holstein influence can be seen in the muscle definition expression with a muscle score of 2.

    I have been buying cattle for a major packing company for 43 years, and the Akaushi
Breed of cattle may be the most exciting breed of cattle to influence the Beef Meat Market in my
lifetime.  This breed has an extremely high grade of Prime and Choice.  The Akaushi-Holstein cross
is very interesting because no one has seen the results of how they perform in the feed yard as
well as in the packing house.

Best regards,

 Lee Ray, B.S.
Animal Science, Texas A&M
Livestock Inspector/Appraiser
P. O. Box 475
Sudan, Texas 79371
806-893-9089 (cell)