Akaushi Talking Points - Download, Print and Carry with you!

Akaushi Cattle

  •  American Akaushi Assoc. cattle are 100% DNA parent verified
  •  Breed backed by facts
  •  Predictability - closed herd for ~100 yrs.
  •  Uniformity – phenotypically & genetically
  •  Increased Heterosis (hybrid vigor)
  •  Increased Fertility
  •  Increased Carcass Quality in one generation
  •  Increased Profitability and Marketability for producers, feedlots, food services and retailers  

Akaushi Carcasses/Beef

  •    Source and Age Verified (DNA verified)
  •    Consistent
  •    Tender
  •    Unique Flavor/Taste
  •    100% All Natural
  •    USDA Certified Akaushi Beef Program (HeartBrand)
  •    2016 BQA and Certified Akaushi Beef (HeartBrand) carcass info comparisons


  •    Satisfaction
  •    100% All Natural
  •    Source and Age Verified (DNA verified)
  •    Extraordinary Health Benefits – positive ratio of monounsaturated fat vs. saturated fat, high levels of oleic acid (olive oil) which is heart healthy


  •   A Breed Association that is dedicated to protecting the Akaushi genetics       
  •    Committed Breeders
  •    American Akaushi Assoc. cattle are 100% DNA parent verified
  •    Breed backed by facts
  •    User friendly, breeder interactive, innovative, next generation data base (DigitalBeef)
  •    Feedlot and carcass information given back to producers which improves their culling process and ultimately produces a better product for the consumer
  •    Cutting edge programs for added value
  •    State of the art On-line Breed publication
  •    Updated EPD’s
  •    Regional and National advertising