The American Akaushi Association is always looking for industry notifications and feature stories that will help keep each member in the know. Whether it is for production, marketing or the Beef industry, the association understands your need to have this information. Under this category heading, "Know This" look for and read these important articles that have been included for your benefit.

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• Lifetime Animal ID

ª RFI and your cowherd

• Gate to Plate

• Disease Traceability

• Toss Up on Retained Ownership

• Cost-free quality drives beef demand

• Consumers Clamor for High-Quality Beef

• Members Awarded Honor

What's Bull Really Worth?

• USDA Beef Grading Changes Updated

• Membership Value

• Akaushi Talking Points

• Akaushi v term Wagyu

• Texas Youth Cattle Conference

• 45 Day Weaning

Strategies for Quality Beef

Adding Value- Feeder Calves

$2,000 Each Calf Crop

Retained Ownership

Preconditioning Value