Maximize More Profits with Akaushi and the
powerful Carcass Grid Pricing System


We know for sellers to maximize profits, they must use the powerful tool known as the carcass grid pricing system. Sellers have to be confident with the consistency of quality grade and yield grade on every animal sold from their herd when marketing on the grid.  Akaushi genetics provide sellers proven recorded data clearly demonstrating that producing more prime is more profit. GridMax™ will offer everyone from producers to packers, the opportunity to maximize those profits.

USDA recorded data on 20,852 DNA parent verified Certified Akaushi Beef carcasses achieved quality grades of 44.6% Prime and 51% Choice with an overall mark of 95.6% Choice and above. The carcasses included 3,708 fullbloods, 16,241 (1/2 bloods) 849 (3/4 bloods) and 54 (7/8 bloods).  85.2% of the carcasses achieved yield grades of 1,2 & 3.

Maximize the Grid with GridMax™

American Akaushi Association
Infinity Hybrid (GridMax™) Registry
and Recording Services

  The American Akaushi Association shall maintain a system for registration, recording, and the computation of Hybrid cattle. Data shall be properly indexed and placed into a permanent file to be known as the Infinity Hybrid Registry. This file shall contain information derived from registration applications, registration certificates, performance summaries and other information.

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