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Heartbrand Beef Akaushi Field Day

Akaushi Field Day Set
April 26 at Heartbrand Beef

The American Akaushi Association announced their first approved field day of 2014 on April 26 at the Heartbrand Beef Ranch near Harwood, Texas.

This unique event will include informative and diverse industry speakers ranging from pasture production all the way to consumer awareness. Attendees will receive a rare up-close, in-depth look of the breeding and feeding program at the original home of American Akaushi, Heartbrand Beef. The complete detail and passion of their "pasture to plate" philosophy for the Akaushi is a benchmark in today's American Beef business.

The program kicks off at 10 am, with an Akaushi lunch planned at noon, and will continue in the afternoon concluding at 4pm.  Bubba Bain, Executive Director of the American Akaushi Association said, "We have had highly successful field day events at several other locations throughout the United States, but this will be the first official field day at Heartbrand and we are very excited to present the complete story of the American Akaushi at the original breeding location in America. In addition, our program will include more information about the top premium paid above market to our producers, one of the highest paid in the industry."

Today, American consumers are demanding healthier and more naturally nutritious foods for their lifestyle. The American Akaushi, Nature's Healthy Beef, offers these benefits consumers desire. The proven inherent oleic acid combined with a higher ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fat in Akaushi beef, makes it a clear choice many consumers already know as a healthy red meat protein source.

For more information about this unique field day and event on April 26, please contact Bubba Bain, Executive Director of The American Akaushi Association. By phone: 830-540-3912 or email: