American Akaushi Association transitions to
New DNA Processing Technology

DNA processing is the most positive and essential tool at The American Akaushi Association and has been since the establishment of the Association in 2010.  Every animal that is entered into the Association database for registration without exception, is DNA source verified for parentage.

“We set ourselves apart from the very start in the Beef industry with mandatory DNA testing for both breeding and terminal animals, Bubba Bain, Executive Director of American Akaushi Association said. We did this so whether someone purchasing a breeding animal or the Nature’s Healthy Certified Akaushi Beef, will have complete confidence knowing the source is verified American Akaushi. We have source verified and provided registration for over 98,000 Akaushi.”

During the next 18 months, The American Akaushi Association along with DNA processing partner, GeneSeek, will be changing their DNA process.  The transitioning from the STR (Microsatillite) process to the SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) process offers tremendous possibilities.

“The SNP process will allow our members to evolve and grow with the cattle industry at their own pace by using some of GeneSeek’s high or low density products, Bain said. It’s great that we can offer our members more than just the parent verification ability. The antiquated STR process has served it’s purpose and we are very excited about moving forward with the SNP process.”

Jill Ginn, Territory Manger for Neogen/GeneSeek stresses the importance for breed associations to transition from STR’s to SNP’s. She explained recently at the American Akaushi Association annual convention that SNP’s will provide more beneficial prediction of seedstock traits. Ginn said “the new test will allow The American Akaushi Association members a better path to expand the genotyping of seedstock replacements.”

"The American Akaushi Association is proud to offer this important upgrade to our DNA testing Bain said. Both Seedstock and Commercial breeders will be able to take advantage of these proven GeneSeek products for increased profitability.”