2012 American Akaushi Association Convention

Selected as the first recipients of the american akaushi association "Legacy award" were the ronald and joan beeman family. 

Selected as the first recipients of the american akaushi association "Legacy award" were the ronald and joan beeman family. 

First Annual American Akaushi Association Convention
Lost Pines Resort- Bastrop, Texas

The first annual Akaushi Association Convention was held in Bastrop, Texas Nov. 9-11, 2012. Over 200 members attend the event traveling from CA to FLA and Canada to Brazil.

The meeting was hosted by the Akaushi Executive Director Bubba Bain and organized by Janie Bain and her staff.

Phil Davis from Idaho said he appreciated the entire convention because it was a representation of a group of leaders in the Akaushi industry that are seeing the benefits of the Breed for what they are – quality, flavor and health benefits- without any apparent loss of production.

Dave Myklegard also from Idaho said it was enlightening to learn more about the history of the breed itself.  How the Beeman family brought the Akaushi cattle to the United States after over 100 years of success in Japan.   The beef has been protected so that there is only one strain of the meat.  This helps to be consistent in both taste and texture. The health factors were also impressive with lower amounts of the LDL cholesterol.  This is a new breed for our family and we appreciate learning about all the facets of the industry.

Friday was a casual day of golf and resort activities ending with a tradeshow and a “Taste of Akaushi.

Saturday started very early with a welcome from Bubba Bain. Colin Woodall from the NCBA, talked about the “Post Election analysis and its Impact on Cattlemen.  Matt Cherni, DVM “Managing Risk in Beef Production without CME”,  Cassie Webb “Food for Thought” and Dr. Stephen Smith – Texas A&M – “The Importance of Akaushi Beef in the American Diet”, Dr. Keith Bertrand – Univ. of GA – “National Genetic Evaluation Programs for Beef Cattle”.   Bill Fielding – CEO of HeartBrand Beef talked about “the Greater Good Of Akaushi” and then leada panel discussion that included Austin Brown – producer, Lanny Binger- feeder, Trevor Caviness - packer and Jordan Beeman - distributor

The Akaushi Beef was served in a variety of ways – Fajitas, Poor Boy Sandwiches, barbequed beef and sausages, and beautiful New York Strip steak.   We all commented on the consistent delicious flavor and tenderness of the different cuts of Akaushi Beef.

The final evening everyone enjoyed an Akaushi steak dinner.  The guest speaker was former Texas Ranger Clete Buckaloo who is now Director of Law Enforcement for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

The first annual Legacy Award was presented to the Ronald and Joan Beeman family. They were honored for their commitment to the breed – protecting the genetics of the breed and the promotion of the breed.  They were honored for how they have carried on the way the breed was raised in Japan and continue to protect the stain of beef in America.

The meetings ended on Sunday with Country Church and a tour of the HeartBrand Ranch.