2013 American Akaushi Association Convention

Selected as the 2013 american akaushi association "Legacy Award" recipients were the austin Brown family of beeville, texas. L to r; Jordan Beeman, President of Heartbrand beef, Austin III, Cuatro, Jody, addie, Nana, Austin and Ronald Beeman.

Selected as the 2013 american akaushi association "Legacy Award" recipients were the austin Brown family of beeville, texas. L to r; Jordan Beeman, President of Heartbrand beef, Austin III, Cuatro, Jody, addie, Nana, Austin and Ronald Beeman.

The second annual American Akaushi Association Convention was held November 8-10, 2013 at the Lost Pines Hyatt Resort near Bastrop, Texas.  Some 200 plus breeders and industry enthusiasts joined together for fellowship, a trade show and to get down to the real significant roles the American Akaushi are providing in the Beef industry of today.

The American Akaushi Association, headquartered near Harwood, Texas, has the mission of maintaining the registrations for both fullblood and percentage Akaushi in the United States. Bubba Bain, executive director of the association said, "our breeders both fullblood and percentage, are committed to increasing the American Akaushi influence throughout the beef industry. The minimum $100 guaranteed premium above market paid which is the largest in the Beef industry, has certainly opened a lot of gates for the American Akaushi bull and increased our cattle and membership numbers."

A diverse selection of professional industry speakers provided breeders important news, informative viewpoints and major research developments during the two day event.

Two leading and well respected Animal Science professionals confirmed both existing and newer studies in relation to breeding and carcass quality of the American Akaushi. Dr. Deb VanOverbeke, Oklahoma State University, presented her talk to the crowd on the National Beef Audit for quality and how and where American Akaushi fit.  Breeding Strategies for the American Akaushi Breed through the role of line breeding and inbreeding were presented by Dr. Bob Kropp also of Oklahoma State University.

Colin Woodall, Vice-President of Government Affairs at National Cattlemen's Beef Association, brought his message direct from Washington D.C. He presented information in regard to recent government shutdowns, debt limits, and the future of the Agriculture policies within the new, yet still un-passed Farm Bill.

Marketing Akaushi to Steak Fans is always a big topic at the convention, and Tanji Patton of "Good Taste with Tanji", San Antonio, Texas presented some great and enthusiastic points of marketing. Patton personally uses these specific points in her business and demonstrated how they can further enhance the messages of American Akaushi via internet video.

Richard Wortham, executive director of The Texas Beef Council headquartered in Austin, along with Ms. Jackie Dobson, presented unique information and promotion of Texas Beef using checkoff dollars through the Texas Beef Team marathon runners.

Capturing the crowd's attention both days included speaker, Jim Whitt, and his well known "Power of Purposeful Leadership" clinic. He challenged all in attendance through his message and informative skill set for purposeful leadership and how essential long term interactive planning will benefit the breed and the association. "I think the interactive long term planning session with members in attendance was a valuable tool that we can certainly use as our benchmark," Bain said.

Rounding out the two day event of speakers included the CEO of HeartBrand Beef, Bill Fielding. Fielding provided a highly positive industry final wrap up about Akaushi wholesale and retail beef sales in 2013 and the bright future to expect in 2014.

Keynote evening speaker included Trinity Capital's Kevin Burke, who encouraged Akaushi breeders to stay on track with their plan for a growing influence in the Beef industry.

The highlight moment of the two day event included the "Legacy Award " presented to a member that excels in their breeding and overall promotion and positive influence for the growth of the American Akaushi. This year's recipient was Austin Brown and his family who ranch near Beeville, Texas.  The Brown family in attendance included Austin, his wife Nana, son, Austin III and his wife Jody and grandchildren Austin IV (Cuatro) and Addie Ruth Brown. "It's a great pleasure for us at the American Akaushi Association to have such dedicated ranching families involved in our breed and the Brown's are highly deserving of such an award. The Austin Brown family is truly dedicated to making our breed a success and enhancing their bottomline profits," Bain said.

In the 2013 American Akaushi Fun Auction, the first Lifetime memberships were offered. Purchasing the very first lifetime membership in some highly competitive bidding was Heartbrand Beef.  Additional lifetime memberships purchased in the auction included Beeman Ranch, Howard and Carolyn Davis and the Austin Brown Family Ranch.

The 2014 American Akaushi Associaton Convention is again planned at the Lost Pines Hyatt Resort, but in 2015, the convention will travel west to the Hyatt Tamaya Resort near Albuquerque, New Mexico.