Historic U.S. Export to Brazil Features American Akaushi

Through an extensive five year joint process between Heartbrand Beef of Harwood, Texas, and the Brazilian Group Origine, Fullblood American Akaushi were recently exported to Brazil. This unique opportunity is the first live cattle export from the United States to Brazil of any breed in nearly two decades.

Group Origine worked extensively with the Brazilian Agriculture community and Government to open the door allowing them to achieve the first American Akaushi genetic import to Brazil.

Heartbrand Beef imported their original Fullblood Akaushi from Japan in 1994 to the United States and have worked to make Akaushi a major player in the American Beef industry. Through a sustained breeding program since 1994, all the American Akaushi registered in the American Akaushi Association registry database are DNA source verified to the original Japanese import.

Since 1994, breeders, feeders, packers and retailers in the United States have watched the American Akaushi Association and its’ members create an explosion of growth and positive industry awareness.

Jordan Beeman, president of Heartbrand Beef said, “This is without question a significant and historic export of our American Akaushi genetics, but more importantly we know the Group Origine is dedicated and will expand and create a significant role for American Akaushi in the Brazilian Beef industry.”

 “The Akaushi will be housed at Seleon, a modernbiotechnology and animal breeding service company for the collection and storage of the Akaushi semen along with embryos produced. The arrival of Akaushi in Brazil represents a decisive milestone enabling Brazil to have the best quality of meat in the world,” said Julius Cesar Resende, President of Origine.

Akaushi Beef is known for achieving and exceeding the grade of USDA Prime.  It significantly has higher rates of monounsaturated fat versus saturated, as well as the increased composition of oleic acid when compared with other types of meat. All of these documented characteristics provide great taste with healthier consistency and increased value in the world market.

Resende said, “The project Origine with Akaushi, allows high profitability for our partners. Combining whole technology, processes and procedures insures that the production and productivity of cattle can be elevated for exponential profits. Today, the beef cattle programs worldwide are all based on the production of high quality, highly palatable beef through exact carcass specifications. In addition, large packers in the world are entering into programs for the purchase of cattle and the sell of meat products based on these higher carcass specifications meeting demands in niche national and international markets.”

“We are excited not only for our breed but equally for the potential influence American Akaushi will have within the Brazilian beef industry. We know this is only the beginning of a great International relationship where the common translation will always be great tasting quality beef,” Bubba Bain, Executive Director of the American Akaushi Association said.