About Us


The association has been established to promote the Akaushi breed as well as maintain and verify the purity of the breed, the performance of the offspring and the quality of the final retail product.

The Akaushi breed was approved by the National Pedigree Livestock Council as an official purebred breed and we have received our breed code (AA) from the National Association of Animal Breeders. Our branded programs have been established through the USDA which should help our members increase their bottom line.

We are committed to increasing the number of Akaushi influenced cattle by working with producers who have a desire to significantly improve the quality and value of their calves using their current cow herd.  Additionally, we will manage the Association as a for profit business, investing those profits back into membership programs, market research and services in order to best serve the membership's goals, while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Rather than the traditional calf-based registration fee structure that discourages the reporting of complete contemporary group information, the Association has adopted Whole Herd Reporting , which uses an inventory-based fee structure or an annual assessment charge on all reproductively mature animals.  This system requires the reporting of annual production and performance records on all cattle within a herd, but the responsibility of selecting which calves are worthy of registration remains with the breeder.

Please select one of the links above to learn more about our organization and membership requirements.  Also, review our download library for the application, rules, forms and more information about the American Akaushi Association. 

Check the "Events" to see if we will be at a Trade Show in your area and to keep up with official holidays and all our activities. We value your opinion so send us an email or call us with any questions or comments you have regarding the website, the Association or the Akaushi cattle. We look forward to hearing from you!