First A4 Purebred Akaushi Female Certified
by The American Akaushi Association

The American Akaushi Association recently announced the certification of the first A4 Purebred Akaushi female (15/16 - 93.75 breed percentage) produced in its highly popular A4 Advantage Program.

Broken Winds Cattle Company, Canyon, Texas became an early participant in this unique association program and earned this significant moment of recognition in Akaushi breed history.

“We’re so proud of all our breeders and especially Broken Winds Cattle Company. They started with a small Red Angus base cow herd and worked diligently growing the herd in the A4 Advantage Program,”  said American Akaushi Association Executive Director, Bubba Bain.   

The A4 Advantage Program, since its inception in the Spring of 2010, allows breeders to initially enroll their base cow herd, which can come from any breed.  These base cows must then be crossed with Certified Fullblood Akaushi Bulls to produce the first generation in the program called A1.  Each generation A1, A2 and A3, must also be bred to Certified Fullblood Akaushi Bulls with the ultimate goal resulting in the generation of A4 Purebred Akaushi (15/16 - 93.75% percentage breeding).

“Approximately 3,000 Akaushi sired females from A1(1/2) to A4 (15/16) breeding , have already been certified in the A4 Advantage Program.  We created this program as a value added pathway for both small and large commercial herds to produce A4 Purebred Akaushi replacement females while gaining higher quality carcasses. Today, this program has been one of the main catalysts for our association’s success. We plan all of our programs, both current and future, to benefit our breeders,” said Bain.

The American Akaushi Association breed registry requirement includes a mandatory “DNA Source and Parent Verification” of every animal. No other Beef breed association utilizes this unique DNA testing for every animal in its registry.  This assures breeders, feeders, packers and consumers DNA verified American Akaushi genetics at every marketing level from the “gate to the plate”.

The American Akaushi is known in the industry for producing high grading, quality carcasses for increased profitability. Known as “Nature’s Healthy Beef®”,  American Akaushi have a higher concentration of oleic acid as well as a higher ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fats. Consumers want the great taste of Certified Akaushi Beef and the health benefits for their active lifestyles.

For more information about The American Akaushi and Association, please visit www.akaushi.comor contact Bubba Bain, Executive Director 361-238-7218.