AgriClear and American Akaushi Association Partner.

Here at the American Akaushi Association we are constantly trying to make our Member Services more appealing, user friendly and profitable for our members. Understanding how to successfully buy and sell your Akaushi cattle (Fullbloods, Percentage Replacement Females, Stockers, Feeders and Fats) should be one of your main priorities. To help in this area the American Akaushi Association has partnered up with AgriClear.

AgriClear is a secure online platform that will change the way you buy and sell your Akaushi. AgriClear empowers you to buy and sell cattle on your terms with greater efficiency, while facilitating payment assurance and transactional certainty.

Backed by the financial power and integrity of the TMX Group, and the expertise of NGX, North America’s leading commodity clearinghouse, producers who sell on AgriClear are assured of payment and buyer funds are not released until contracted cattle are delivered.

With AgriClear, producers across the United States and Canada are now able to buy and sell cattle of all breeds, types and attributes with anyone, anywhere, anytime with confidence.

The American Akaushi Association supports and highly recommends this service. To learn more about “cattle marketing on your terms”, visit or contact the American Akaushi Association (830-540-3912).

We look forward to discussing this with each of you.

  Fullblood Akaushi Bulls

Fullblood Akaushi Bulls